FOSDEM open game devroom schedule finalized

FOSDEM open game devroom schedule finalized

FOSDEM open game devroom schedule finalized

Thanks to everyone who has suggested their talks for the FOSDEM open game devroom. This is shaping up to be a really fun and interesting day.

In order to fit all the great work, We’ve limited all the talks to 25 minutes. We’ve also put an hour in the middle of the day as a demo session of open source games. All of your are welcome to demo your work then, and we can also have outside games being demoed too.

The current schedule is below, also available at I tried to group related talks together.

Looking forward to meeting you all Jan 31st!


FOSDEM Schedule Jan 31, 2016


9:00 3D everywhere with Babylon.js
9:30 The OctaForge 3D Game Engine


10:00 Arduboy feat. the Web: pocket-sized gamedev for everyone
10:30 Drawing your gameplay: paper & color based interaction.
11:00 The Bitbox Console


11:30 Blender as a generic tool
12:00 RedMetrics – Data-driven Game Design with Open Analytics

12:30-13:30 Open Game Demo Hour

more tools

13:30 Haxe : A language by gamedevs for gamedevs
14:00 Open tools for game design


14:30 Learning biology with a game
15:00 Citizen science 2.0
15:30 From gamers to tango dancers


16:00 Ludobox
16:30 Free Knowledge Game Jam: Bringing Two Worlds Together

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