Babozor visiting the CRI for a gamelier about cHTeMeLe

The CRI, Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity welcomes you in the Fabelier open lab room A16 for a great night of Gamelier! Babozor created with Pascal Mabille cHTeMeLe. This board game to learn HTML5, this project was an experience trying to merge two topics that seem remote: coding and board game. You may already know the person we…


iGam4er 2013 Wrap-up

Thanks to all who participated! Here’s the a video that shows the different aspects of the event:   IGAM4ER competition debriefing par CRI-Paris   Plus jamshaker winners will be at the CRI, this january, monday 20th! Swing by for a nice evening of talks and meeting with game developers: facebook event


Jerome Etienne on the 3D Web

Jerome Etienne is a Web and 3D graphics guru who will show some of his amazing demos bringing 3D to life in the browser. He showed how to create a 3D space shooter in just a few quick steps, relying on http://threejs.org/ and his https://github.com/jeromeetienne/threex extension library. Here is the video of his presentation: And here…


Playtesting Esperym, a tabletop game

Mickael Voirin and Guillaume Le Blond just presented the game they just created - Esperym. Here’s a description of the game, in French: – Presentation du jeu : Esperym est un jeu de plateau destiné à un public expert dans le domaine. Basé sur un univers fantastico-médieval, les joueurs joueront à tour de rôle un héros qui évoluera au sein…


Florent Maurin on NewsGames

Florent Maurin creates amazing “newsgames” at The Pixel Hunt, as well as all sorts of related projects: advanced data visualizations, interactive stories, and “transmedia architecture”. His blog, in French, is a fantastic read. Here’s the video: And his Prezi:  


Gaëtan Renaudeau on Procedural vs. Functional Rendering

I’ve been trying to get Gaëtan Renaudeau to speak at the Gamelier for a long time… ever since I saw the excellent work he’s done on illuminated.js In this presentation, he contrasted two different approaches for graphical rendering, and explains the advantages of the “functional” approach. Here are his slides:   I encourage you to checkout his…


Farid Ben Salem on the Future of Tangible Games

  We were very happy to have Farid Ben Salem come present his work on tangible games. Farid Ben Salam is a game designer at Les Editions Volumiques as well as a teacher at several Paris schools like Paris VIII, ICAN, and E-ArtSup. He hosts the online show Gamestars, a talk show for game professionals to discuss the industry and…


Marc Planard gives Meatspace Invasion Post-Mortem

Marc Planard (@corpsmoderne on Twitter) works for the indie game studio Mekensleep. He was the lead server developer for the geo-game Meatspace Invasion, and did a post-mortem of the game’s development. Here are his slides: And here is the Meatspace Invasion trailer he showed: