Live in Toronto! Hangout with Miguel Sternberg from Spooky Squid

We’re took the Gamelier on the road! Jesse was be in Toronto, Canada, to interview Miguel Sternberg from Spooky Squid Games. Miguel is a pixel artist and former co-founder of Capybara Games. We’ll did it via our first Google Hangout on Air, in which everyone the world over can watch on a live stream. We ran into some technical difficulties at…


New Rules for Classic Games

It’s a bit hard to find, but New Rules for Classic Games, by Wayne Schmittberger, is full of intriguing ideas and creative takes on well-known games. It was originally published back in 1992. As the subtitle says “Recycle those old boards for thousands of hours of fun with new rules for Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, Go,…


Maxence Voleau gives postmortem on Endless Space

Maxence Voleau (@MeeDoc) presented the story behind the development of the successful indie game Endless Space from Amplitude Studios. Among other things, he talked about how they develop games for and with a game community, and how that input shapes their process. Near the end of the talk, we ran into technical problems and I had to finish…


Vehicles by Valentino Braitenberg

With the excitement and activity of A-MAZE calming down, I finally have a moment to write about a rich book that I will want to read again and again- Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology by Valentino Braitenberg. Since it was written in 1984, I’m truly lucky that a colleague from the Gamelier recommended it to…


Saga des Jeux Vidéos @ Montpellier (FR)

C’était une vraie régale d’être présent à l’Université de Montpellier Paul Valery pour une journée d’études organisé par Emmanuelle Jacques, le saga des jeux vidéos. La journée a commencé avec un discord par Daniel Ichbiah, auteur d’un livre sur l’histoire du jeux vidéo ainsi qu’une biographie d’Eric Chahi (Another World). Ensuite, Laurent Michaud (IDATE) a présenté les…


Babozor presents cHTeMeLe, a game to teach HTML

Babozor created cHTeMeLe, a board game to learn HTML5, with Pascal Mabille. The project was an experiment in merging two topics that seem remote: programming and board games. Here is part 1 of the video: And part 2: Babozar is an experienced web developer and DIY enthusiast teaching cools skills to people new to the…


Jam Shaker and igam4er Finalists

Notre premier événement du club Gamelier de 2014 était une rencontre spéciale Jamshaker igam4er. Nous revenons sur les jeux qui ont le plus brillées lors de la jam de décembre 2013 : LabRatz, Tantum Locus et Kitten for Science   Merci à nos partenaires pour l’événement : igam4er.org   jamshaker.com/paris   Tantum Locus LabRats – video Kittens4Science – images